The Crafts

Welcome to the main gallery of works done throughout the years by students. Students were encouraged to experiment and explore new materials, methods and tools. Most of the material was sourced from well wishers, from waste material from construction sites and driftwood collected from throughout the country.

The works range from pyrography, coconut shell work, lacquer work and more. With a strong emphasis on preserving and expanding the traditional lacquer works and wood turning, students utilized the methodologies, designs and forms to produce contemporary versions of lacquer turned wooden products.

Creativity Maldives hopes that more people will be inspired by these works and continue the crafts of our forefathers.

Wood Carving (37)
Pyrography Boats (24) scaled
WoodTurn Abstract36 rotated
Naashi CandleHolders (20)
Coconut Crafts – Naashi
Woodworking Boxes (6)